Frequently Asked Questions

At Wellness Medical Protection Group, we understand that you have questions about medical liability insurance and want quick and easy access to the answers.

Below you will find some general, frequently asked questions, as well as many more specific answers addressing the ever growing field of med spas and anti-aging clinics, our specialties.

Yes. We not only have access to standard liability insurance carriers, but also non-standard (surplus) markets. Most standard carriers will not cover such procedures as HCG medical weight loss, prolotherapy, chelation therapy and natural hormone therapy. If you already have a standard practice, our policies would cover your cash-based income separately — but only if we’re unable to insure these procedures under your existing coverage. We will always work with you to customize your policy based on what you need. We can also match your existing insurance coverage policy “retroactive date,” so you don’t need to purchase extended reporting, or “tail,” from your existing insurance company.

We specialize in this area of medical liability and have done so for over 15 years. We have the experience and expertise from covering hundreds of medical practices to effectively protect your practice. We are a trusted resource for several affiliated industry organizations like the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We have access to specialty insurance markets that cover alternative, complementary, anti-aging and aesthetic procedures. We are a part of a larger group of innovative companies focusing on the wellness and healthcare industry. We can get to the pricing and terms the other agents do not have access to.

Our motto is “Tailoring Your Freedom to Practice.”

No. Because med spas incorporate procedures and services that most states consider a “practice of medicine,” a qualified physician must be involved with a med spa. Professional liability insurance must cover the med spa itself, the clinicians performing the procedures and the physician in his/her role.

No. However, the physician must be qualified to supervise those performing the procedures and must demonstrate specialized training, like injectable training for Botox®.

No, as most insurers do not offer these types of riders. It is essential to secure malpractice insurance to cover the work you will do as part of a medical spa, anti-aging clinic or alternative medical practice. We specialize in securing malpractice insurance for physicians who are entering, or currently work in, this dynamic and growing segment of the healthcare field.

Your medical professional liability insurance will cover your med spa or anti-aging clinic, its medical director/physicians and those staff members who perform/assist the procedures, such as PAs, NPs, RNs, estheticians, etc.

For medical malpractice (professional liability) coverage, the typical liability limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in aggregate. This will vary, however, depending on the insurance carrier and the state in which the spa operates.

Our additional insurance coverages include: commercial general liability, defense of medical license, sexual abuse allegations and data breach, cyber liability & HIPAA Privacy Breach insurance. We also offer recommendations on referrals for such products and services such as med spa consulting services through our partner, Medi Spa Consulting. Read more about our med spa insurance services.

We can procure coverage for you from a number of A-rated insurance companies. We have an exclusive program with Lloyds of London using our proprietary “short form” application for quick annual premium indications. All quick “true/false” questions. All “true” response qualify you for the program. This is ideal for physicians and healthcare practitioners who want to open a part-time med spa or anti-aging clinic, and may currently have coverage for their full time, traditional medicine position. By carving out the general medicine, primary care, surgery, etc., we only cover the safer, low risk procedures. “Integrative Medicine” is when you are blending traditional, anti-aging, homeopathic, wellness, holistic, etc. medicine. Your unique practice thereby takes on a customized underwriting approach. Then we may need a medical facility/clinics application and a physicians/surgeons application, along with a copy of the physician’s résumé/CV. We use this detail to develop a profile of your practice to effectively articulate your coverage needs to the pool of underwriters for consideration and terms. In doing this, we can assure you will get the best mix of price and coverage.  Please allow 2-3 business days from the time the application is returned to us for a response. If you need your coverage expedited, call us today at (855) 851-2968.

Yes. In most cases, we can secure your professional medical liability insurance directly. If not, we will help you through one of our partners.

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